Friday 08.22.14

Ice Bucket Challenge NEAT Girl Style

If you aren't on social media, then you may not be fully aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge viral phenomenon that has been taking over our world for the past few weeks! ALS is near and dear to many of the NEAT girls hearts, so we were more than excited to support the challenge.

Our NEAT Method Miami girls kicked off the week in a truly organized fashion with these cute Kidecals labeled buckets and Chicago, Dallas, San Diego and Twin Cities fulfilled their nominations soon thereafter. Which video gets your vote?!?

organizing, labels, kidecal,

NEAT Miami ...

NEAT Chicago ...

NEAT Dallas ...

NEAT San Diego ... 

NEAT Twin Cities ...


Obviously there are a few (actually FOUR to be exact) cities who have yet to complete the challenge. We are letting them slide because they were busy organizing, but we hope they have something extra special up there sleeves for next week ... stay tuned!

the NEAT girls

Thursday 08.21.14

Befriending The Plastics...

Everyone (should) know The Plastics are the most popular girls at North Shore High School. The main reason for their fame and power is the fact that they are the prettiest and most GLAMorous girls in the entire school.

Incase you may be a bit too old or young to know who The Plastics are, we are talking about the Oscar Winning movie, Mean Girls. Cue Queen B Regina George and her minions...

So, in honor of Regina and her mean girl posse- we thought we'd share our love for plastics much nicer twin sister...Acrylic! When it comes to organizing, we have a serious crush on all the GLAMboxes products! Here are just a few of our favorites, which are sure to instantly make your accessories organized beautifully! 



Check out GLAMboxes on Facebook, Pinterst, Instagram, and Twitter! You will love them just as much as we do!

They are so fetch ;)


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 08.19.14

Today's the Day...

On Thursday of last week - we left you with a little teaser for the BIG NEWS that was coming today! And what could this BIG NEWS possibly be??

WELL.... We couldn't be more excited to announce the official LAUNCH of The NEAT Shop TODAY, compliments of The Organizing Store! That's right! We've picked our favorite tried and true organizational products and compiled them into one easy location for you to browse and shop instantly! The best part is... you can now live the NEAT life at the click of a button!

neat, neat method, the organizing store, organizing store, organizational solutions, baskets, wire baskets, hangers, black slim line hangers, home organizers, professional organizers

Now we suggest you SHOP till you DROP for some organizing goodies - over at


And yes, we know what you're thinking...

neat, neat method, organizing store, the organizing store, neat method and organizing store, organizing products, organizing solutions, home organizers, professional organizers

We think so, too! 

We couldn't be more excited for this new partnership with such an amazing company! Cheers from NEAT & TOS to you! Now get to living the NEAT Life.


the NEAT girls

Friday 08.15.14

Checking In On Our NEAT Girls!

Where or where have the NEAT girls been?? Per our usual Friday topic, we are checking in on all things "NEAT girls" related!

First up, our Dallas gal Katie O! She recently attended the first of a series of events for Modern Luxury's new "Lexus Supper Club". The event was held at Komali Restaurant, and Katie O had a fabulous time mingling with Dallas socialites - including Julie Sessions of Modern Luxury (pictured here).

Modern Luxury, Modern Luxury Magazine, Modern Luxury Dallas, Katie Oswald, home organizer in dallas, home organizers in dallas, dallas professional organizer, julie sessions

Our San Francisco team was happy to help their client move into this beautiful home!

san francisco, home organizers in sf, home organizers in san francisco, professional organizers in san francisco, san francisco homes, san francisco interior design, interior design

It seems to be a week of moves, because our Scottsdale babe Mika also helped a client move into their new home! Here she is in true NEAT fashion, burried in the storm before the calm! Such a beautiful kitchen?!

mika perry, neat method scottsdale, scottsdale home organizer, professional organizer in scottsdale, moving tips, professional movers

NEAT Twin Cities' Lo was able to get away to Wine Country! Sipping California wine and champagne in the sunshine all weekend...please take us with you next time!

lauren warner, neat method, neat twin cities, twin cities home organizer, professional organizers in twin cities, napa, wine country, sonoma

Our co-founder, Ashley headed back home to Ohio with her son Bennett for the week! For those that don't know, this little man is an avid rock collector and was pretty much trying to convince his mom to put this giant one in the car! Adorable!

ashley murphy, mike murphy, neat, neat method, neat chicago, chicago, home organizer in chicago, home organizer, baby boy, rock collector

Our Chicago gal, Heather spent some time with her family at their cabin this week! A little end-of-summer vacation in Northern Michigan sounds lovely! (pictured with her younger sister Kerry)

heather byrne, kerry gilligan, neat, neat method chicago, home organizers in chicago, chicago home organizers, professional organizers, northern michigan, pure michigan, sisters, brown haired sisters, michigan girls

Our NEAT DC Cath couldn't be more thankful and thrilled for this custom painting of her main squeeze - Juice - painted by one of her clients! How thoughtful, and so cute!!!

puppy, puppy painting, catherine zinn, neat dc, dc home organizers, professional organizers in dc, bull dog, bulldog puppy, bulldog painting

And our new NEAT San Deigo Mommy, Katie B, has been enjoying her first week at home with her adorable son Ryan! Smiling already = heartbreaker!

baby, baby boy, baby smiling, katie koentje, home organizer in san diego, san diego professional organizer, new mom, baby tips, first week with baby tips

And finally the Miami girls headed up to West Palm Beach and have been busy cleaning out and organizing a toy room. Goodwill was thrilled to see all of these black bags!

home organizer west palm beach, palm beach, miami, home organizing, toy room organizing, toy donation, organizing, organizer, marissa hagmeyer, south florida, fort lauderdale, boca raton, weston, coral springs, closet organizing, kitchen organizing, unpacking, moving, professional organizing, professional organizer, home, home decor, home staging, neat method

We hope you all have a fun weekend enjoying your last few weeks of summer! Happy Friday everyone!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 08.14.14

BIG NEWS...We've Found the PERFECT Partners in Crime!!

Orrrr...should we say Partners in ORGANIZING!?!? We are SERIOUSLY jumping for JOY today! Why you ask? Because today is our official launch of a NEW and beautiful partnership with our dear friends, The Organizing Store


What is the partnership you ask? You will have to wait until next week to find out just what we have up our sleeves! But in honor of the good news, we thought it would be fun to dish the scoop on the adorable, mother-daughter duo behind this amazing brand! We sat the TOS Ladies down and asked them to spill the dirt on their NEAT lives! 

NM :: OK ladies, let's start with any easy one! The Organizing Store not only sells great products, but your website is absolutely stunning! Tell us a little bit about the brains behind the brand!

DS :: My name is Deborah Shearer, and I am Allie's mother. I am originally from upstate New York, raised in the suburbs of Niagara Falls. I became a nice Jewish girl before my wedding to the wonderful dad of my beautiful children and I've been making matzoh balls and meatballs ever since. When our son Jason turned 4, we took a leap of faith and followed our hearts out to San Francisco to take a stab as entrepreneurs. I officially became a California girl, living in Marin County raising our children. While our business began in the gift, tabletop and stationary business, I went on to design and manufacture my own children's clothing line, which led me to marketing and sales management with a Major in Storage and Organization and a Minor in Crafts. You could say I was into organizing way before it really became "the thing." I married my husband Terry in 2006 and moved to southern California (LA), where our business was based, and so the next chapter began - The Organizing Store!

AW :: I'm Allie Wandner, Marketing Director for The Organizing Store. Thanks to my folks, I'm an Italian Jew (aka pizza bagel) which means my ability to insert yiddish phrases while using big hand gestures is on point. I'm the only one in my family born and raised in California, just north of San Francisco - where my mom taught me everything I needed to know about hard work, throwing a fierce dinner party, and keeping my room impeccably organized (or she'd have something to say about it). I've always dreamed of living in the city (of SF), knowing the streets like the back of my hand, and taking long walks on that strip of sand under the fog. So, I packed up my things and drove across the bridge to graduate with honors in Psychology from SF State in 2008 and have held my heart in North Beach ever since. I joined the family business in college as a content editor and post graduation I decided to dive head first into the world of marketing where I felt right at home.


Photo courtesy of Oprah Magazine, O You 2012

NM :: So how did The Organizing Store get started? What inspired you? It is always fascinating to hear how successful companies got off the ground!

DS :: My husband was the original founder of When we married in 2006, the business needed someone to head up marketing and merchandising and since I was versed in the industry, I joined the family business! With a twist of fate or two, we parted ways from in 2012 and looked at what we wanted to do next. As a Top 500 Internet Retailer, with strong relationships and reputation in the organizing industry, we knew our first project would be something to do with organizing. In 2013, we decided the world needed something more than another place to buy more stuff for your stuff. We wanted that something to be "the boutique of organizing" and set out to launch a place to shop for products in an online atmosphere to help you "live beautifully," and The Organizing Store was born! 

The fashion and home decor markets are really what inspired Allie and I, so we looked at how to bring color, fashion, fun you find in those markets, and a fresh face to organizing. A wise woman once told us,

"You're like the Kate Spade of organizing!" and we think that's pretty NEAT!

NM :: Even though Deborah lives in LA, and Allie in SF - you two seem like the dream duo! What do you love most about what you do?

DS :: Everything you would expect and more. I get to shop for and add new products to our store, collaborate with vendors and great minds, and get inspired by fabulous brands, designers, and bloggeres - everyday! My biggest plus: How many moms have the opportunity to work (successfully!) with their daughter(s) every day, have the same taste in products AND the same level of passion for what we do? Allie and I are connected at the hip! Being from different generations, I learn from her, she learns from me and we're a great compliment to each other. She knows what I'm thinking, how I'll react, but most importantly when I overrule a decision she respects it and learns from me. We have the same vision and that's the key to success.

AW :: Deb pretty much summed it up! I get to work with my mom and talk about products we love, that fit naturally in our lifestyles. I imagine some mother-daughter duo's might never work well together...but Deb? She's the PB to my J!

Wise wise words from both!


NM :: So surely you girls have a titch of OCD in you! What are your most OCD tendencies?

DS :: I have acrylic shelf dividers in my armoire with labels on each section of the shelves. My underwear has to be folded a certain way and lined up to fit perfectly in my cedar & lavender 3-compartment drawer organizer. My ceiling to floor craft cabinet is filled with plastic shoe boxes and containers. Each is labeled with the contents by theme. Crazy...I know!

AW :: I wouldn't say I'm terribly particular (just kidding - my closet is color coded, I set calendar reminders to floss, and dishes in the sink are my all time pet peeve), but I'm more publicly known amongst my friends to have everything one should need at all times. A modern-day Marry Poppins, if you must!


NM:: Obviously we can't contain oursevles, but what makes you most excited about TOS joining forces with NEAT? 

TOS :: First...the NEAT girls themselves! We love Molly & Ashley, their style, energy, and business ethics. They're just like us! Our brand synergy couldn't be a better fit! Back to basics, we think we like the same things and share the same lifestyles. We can't wait to work with and meet ALL the NEAT girls!

NM :: Anything you would like to tell our followers in particular?

TOS :: We are SO excited to collaborate with NEAT Method. We love their sense of style, approach to organizing and our mutual passion for it. We think NEAT brings a sense of calm to the home. We obviously share a lot of NEAT in our worlds, but we're on a mission to organize the world, once space at a time! However, we can help the NEAT girls and their clients get beautifully organized, we're thrilled to be a helpful resource for all!

Well, we didn't think it was possible friends, but it seems we continue to LOVE TOS more and more everyday! And we are beyond excited to see where this living beautifully + NEAT life partnership takes us!

Interested in following all things The Organizing Store related? Find them on Pinterest here, Twitter here, Facebook here, and Blog here

Stay tuned for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on the partnership... 


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 08.12.14

Tip Tuesday :: Time to Dish on Beyonce!

Miss Beyonce seems to be ALL the BUZZ lately! Is she getting a divorce?? Will her tour with JayZ be cut short?? Will she need NEAT to move her out and into a new home?? So many questions left unanswered! 

So in honor of QUEEN B herself, we are dishing (pun intended) on some great trinket dishes to, more or less... "put a ring on it!" Cue booty dancing...

beyonce, put a ring on it, all the single ladies, single ladies beyonce, beyonce booty, beyonce dancing, beyonce single ladies dance, beyonce and jayz

Ok now that we've got that out of our system, onto the actual goods...

trinket dish, ring dish, jewelry tray, jewelry organizer, antler dish, zebra dish, dinosaur dish, polka dot dish, giraffe dish

:: Adirondack Antler Ring Dish :: Giraffe Trinket Dish :: Mini Gold Dot Dish :: Critter Ring Dish :: Metallic Zebra Dish ::

You'll be sure to never misplace your rings again with these cute decorative dishes!


the NEAT girls

PS Give us a call Bey, if you end up being ready for us to help you become a more organized Independent Woman!


Friday 08.08.14

Celebs, Parties and Baby Announcements...

So what exactly have the NEAT girls been up the past few weeks? Let's take a look!


Our Heather spent Lollapalooza with recent Bachelorette Contestants Nick Viall and JJ O'Brien! Although no rose ceremonies took place, she did rock a pretty flower crown to the music fest!

Heather Byrne, NEAT Method, Heather NEAT Method, HKGilly, Nick Viall, JJ OBrien, The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, ABC's The Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman and Nick Viall, Andi Dorfman, Bachelorette Andi, pantsapreneur, celebrities at Lollapalooza, Lollapalooza, Lollapalooza 2014, Lollapalooza 2015

NEAT Dallas', Katie O was one LUCKY NEAT girl last week! She was invited to co-host the grand opening of California Closets at Southlake Design Center in Southlake, Texas (just outside of Dallas). Katie O entertained party attendees with a presentation on some of our favorite tips and tricks to live the NEAT life! All while in a beautifully new California Closet... ummmm, how cute is her dress??

katie o, katie oswald, neat method, neat dallas, dallas organizer, dallas home organizer, california closets, california closets dallas, dallas closets

NEAT Michigan's, LC dressed her son in the best baby outfit ever, and took him to the park to play! Drake is such a little heartbreaker!

neat method, #theneatlife, neat baby, cute baby, Drake, baby Drake, Lauren Combs, NEAT Michigan, home organizers in Michigan, Michigan home organizers

Our co-founder, Ashley celebrated a very fun Birthday at Summer House Santa Monica in Chicago! 

ashley murphy, ashlely neat method, neat method, birthday girl, birthday cookie, summerhouse, summerhouse chicago

NEAT Miami's intern Paige said farewell this week to the NEAT life, as she packs up and heads back to school! The Miami team spent her last day doing lunch and yoga! She will be dearly missed!

neat florida, neat miami, home organizers in miami, yoga, girls doing yoga, yoga girls

The Twin Cities killed it on this hall closet! Check out this recent before & after picture!

lauren warner, neat method twin cities, neat twin cities, home organizers in twin cities, before and after hall closet, hall closet organization, chalkboard labeled baskets

And we saved the BEST news for last!!! NEAT San Diego's, Katie B welcomed her new little man to the world, Ryan Harrison Koentje born August 3, 2014 at 9:37AM at 7lbs 11oz and 20.5 inches long! 


Katie Koentje, Baby Koentje, new baby, baby announcement, home organizer in san diego, san diego organizer

We hope you have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 08.07.14

The NEAT Girls Go Back to College...

 Although we'd like to consider ourselves business professional "adults" (well, most of the time anyways)...we definitely still miss our college days! And as August kicks off and kids are gearing up to head back to school, we can't help but feel a little jealous!

Just recently two of our favorite college-bound followers came running to us in need of some help! As they depart for school next week, Morgan & Ryan asked us to find some NEAT approved items to keep their college life organized NEATly!


As the girls are en route to school, we've compiled some pretty great finds!

1. Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard - This is perfect for setting yourself visible reminders! You won't forget about that test Friday (or that party!) if you've got it written on the wall!

2. Sea Green Clear Storage Bins - To give yourself extra closet space, store more seasonal clothing in bins under your bed! 

3. Kate Spade Pen & Pencil Pouch - This way you won't forget writing utensils for class.

4. Open Canvas Bins - Store your sneakers, flats, and sandals in these bins. Believe it or not, you'll be able to fit more shoes on your closet floor in these bins!

5. Gold Foil Confetti Weekly Planner - Every student needs a planner to stay organized, and this one is absolutely adorable!

6. Color Reference Drawers - This item is great for storing smaller desk items, like: paperclips, erasers, tape, etc. And how cute would this look on your desk?!

7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Backpack - Because everyone has to have a great looking backpack at class!


We thought it was only fitting to end today's post with a glimpse into our very own college days??

HA! As much as we don't miss our outfits... take us back to college please!


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 08.05.14

Tip Tuesday: 3 Products, 3 Ways!

It's safe to say pretty much everyone LOVES shopping... who doesn't?? And you know what we love to shop for the most? Organizing products, obviously! 

We've rounded up a few of our favorite products we're currently coveting, along with a few creative ways to organize with each! 


organize kitchen, kitchen jars, pantry jars, open kitchen shelving,

This Vintage Canister is not only functional, but classy with a touch of glam! You could use these to: hold your flour and sugar, your favorite cookies, or small toiletries for guests in the bathroom (ie mini toothpaste, soaps, etc)!

the organizing store, vintage glass jar, vintage jar with silver lid, vintage jar

We love this Luxe Moderne Trophy Bowl to catch car keys at the front door, coins when you clear your pockets, or to even hold your most worn bracelets and bangles!

trophy, trophy bowl, decorative trophy, decorative trophy bowl, the organizing store

And as much as we love the Vinea Condiment Caddy for backyard, barbecue condiments, this caddy can also be used to tote around art supplies for the little ones or even hold your most used bathroom supplies - think hair products, makeup brushes, and paper goods!

the organizing store, condiment caddy, caddy for condiments, art supplies caddy, white metal caddy, white metal organizer, floral white bin, metal bin,

Implement one (or all!) of these items, and you are well on your way to living the NEAT Life!


The NEAT girls

:: Image 1 :: 

Friday 08.01.14

Summertime in Pure Michigan...

Since our announcement of NEAT Michigan last month, we've been dying to check in on our gal LC and see what all she's been up to! 

"Everything is going so great! I've been pretty lucky with several perfect jobs and great clients! And all my clients seem thrilled with their results, which is always great reassurance! There are also so many poeple that are passionate about Detroit and business development around this area, and it feels so great to be a part of it! It's just exciting to hear what other entrepreneurs are doing!"

Now let's take a peek at how Michigan is learning to live The NEAT Life!

How stunning did this closet turn out?

This before & after is a pretty amazing transformation! A new unit and labeled bins helped clear the clutter off the floor for this family!

And who doesn't love a cute chalkboard label?

Can we please have an organized shoe shelf like this client? Dreamy!

And it shouldn't go without saying, all her hard work has been paying off! NEAT Michigan was recently featured in After 5 Detroit! Incase you missed it, click here to read the nice feature!

LC has also been enjoying the summer with her three sisters and her newest little oh-so adorable niece!

Sounds like Pure Michigan is where it's at this summer! 


the NEAT girls

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