Thursday 02.26.15

The NEAT Girls :: They're Just Like Us...

Inspired by our favorite page in US Weekly, we have decided to open the doors of our homes in a more unique way. Today, we will be showing you the most shameful, embarassingly messy drawers, bins, baskets and spaces of the NEAT girl's homes. Let's cut to the core of the NEAT team and take a look at the founder's spaces. First up is Ashley. I guess we will give her props for having drawer organizers... but this isn't something we would expect for a NEAT original. 

Ashley Murphy, Chicago, makeup, bathroom, messy drawers, organize makeup, professional organizer

Molly may win the prize for the messiest! WHAT. IS. THIS. DRAWER?! She claims that it keeps stationary and mailing supplies... we are baffled. 

Molly Graves, San Francisco, NEAT Method, professional organizer, junk drawer, organization

Molly's partner in crime in San Francisco, doesn't have much room to talk. Her tupperware needs a serious space lift. Do all the tops even have matching bottoms?? You know the rule, Lisa!

Lisa Ruff, tupperware, San Francisco, professional organizer, kitchen, unorganized kitchen

Messy Mika in Scottsdale has confessed that she has a problem starting books and not finishing them. This is where those books come to die live. She puts them in a basket - interesting choice Mika!

Mika Perry, Scottsdale, books, book organization, book basket, professional organizer

In Columbus, Julia would like to point the messy finger at her husband. This is his office drawer. Time for a little NEAT love Miss Julia!

Julia Purdy, Columbus, organizer, professional organizer, desk, office, home office, ohio, home organization, office organization

Katie is tired of her pajama drawer (see what we did there??) Has she read any of our posts about filing our clothes? We think not!

Katie Koentje, San Diego, pajamas, drawers, organized drawer, home organization,

Marissa just moved to a new home in Florida. She is embarassed to admit it has been weeks and some of the boxes only made it have way to the trash and ended up in the garage - and that their is a creepy santa in there too. Nothing like a swim suit wearing santa to welcome you to the neighborhood!

Marissa Hagmeyer, garage, South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, home organization, professional organization, home organizers,

Finally, we think this scene will look quite familair to many of our readers. We bring you the, OVER STUFFED FILE DRAWER brought to you by Brooke! She thinks exposing this photo will give her the motivation she needs to file these papers away properly. **Pro Tip ** Turn on your favorite trash tv show and the filing will be less daunting. 

Brooke Ruder, filing, home filing, filing drawers, home organization, professional organizers, Chicago,

Every consult we go to, our clients are embarassed to share their spaces. Clearly, we have some things to be embarassed about ourselves! Even though we love the NEAT life, we, too can sometimes have a hard time living it! We hope this helps you see that even a NEAT girl has a, "junk drawer."


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 02.24.15

And the NEATest Home Goes To....

As promised, we're sharing a few more NEAT girl's homes this week. Which NEAT girl outshines the others? Read on to find out! First up is Lisa from San Francisco. Her daughter's adorable closet is perfectly labeled and organized. Lulu is sure to be a future NEAT girl! 

Lisa Ruff, Childrens closet, girls room, girls clothes, little girl, storage, labels, home, home organization, home organizer

As if you weren't already obsessed with Lauren's home in Michigan, here is one last picture for you to swoon over. Her closet is impeccably put together. 

Lauren Combs, Michigan, professional organizer, home organization, closet organization, organized closet

Our former pageant beauty, Katie has got her make up drawer perfectly placed in San Diego. Now we are not only dying for a good makeup lesson from her, we want the drawer itself!

Katie Koentje, Make up, make up drawer, organized bathroom, professional organizer, San Diego, Southern California, make up organization, best makeup, mack, NARS,

If there is one thing every NEAT girl likes, it's a color coded..... ANYTHING. In D.C. Catherine makes us want to cook with books that look like this in her kitchen!

Catherine Zinn, Catherine Savage, kitchen organization, cookbooks, color coded, professional organizer, home organization,

Finally, Lisa isn't the only one teaching her daughter to be NEAT. In Scottsdale, Mika has got her daughther living the NEAT life too! Check out these toys put away perfectly in the playroom. 

Mika Perry, Russ Perry, kids room, play room, organized, professional organizer, scottsdale, phoenix, home organization, home style, childrens room, clean room, toys, toy room

We think it's clear that Lauren from Michigan clearly wins when it comes to living the NEAT life. BUT, if you thought we were perfect... you just wait. We are exposing our LEAST ORGANIZED spots next. Skeletons are about to come out of the closets - literally ;)


the NEAT girls

Friday 02.20.15

Are the NEAT Girls Really That NEAT???

After our NEAT Michigan girl, Lauren, gave us a tour of her home, many of you wanted to know if we were really all that NEAT and orderly behind the scenes. Although she set the bar high, we thought we'd prove that we really do live the NEAT life behind closed doors. Well, most of the time that is!! 

First up, Molly loves the way her untensil drawer looks. Her perfectly fitting drawer inserts make her smile everytime she opens the drawer.

San Francisco, Molly, Molly Graves, Ryan Graves, San Francisco homes, homes, organized, organizer, organized drawers, kitchen, utensil drawer

In D.C., Catherine is a natural beauty so her makeup is minimal. She says that it's no excuse to not have acrylic organizers and we agree!

Catherine Zinn, Catherine Savage, make up, how to organize makeup, makeup drawer, bathroom, bathroom drawer, organized, professional organizer

The cold weather in Chicago has kept Brooke indoors. That means she has had time to take organization to the next level in her home. We love all of the spots she is showcasing here!

Brooke Ruder, Brooke, Chicago, organizer, professional organizer, bookshelf, organized books, purses, organized purses, jewelry, organized jewelry

Marissa just used NEAT herself to get unpacked and organized in her new home. Her favorite spot at the moment is the entertainment center/bookshelf that her husband made. She thinks he is about to put Restoration Hardware out of business!

Marissa Hagmeyer, Marissa, South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Weston, Bal Harbour, organizer, professional organizer, unpacking, bookshelf, organized books, bookshelf styling, organized home, nate berkus, pipe shelving, dyi, industrial piping shelves, restoration hardware, restoration hardware piping shelves

And finally, Lauren had a few more photos that we didn't share of her STUNNING Michigan home. Here is her perfectly placed bathroom shelves.

Lauren McGraw, Lauren Combs, bathroom, organized, organized bathroom, organized space, shelves, home decor, home design, home style

Do you have an organized space that you would like to share? Email your photos to info (at) neatmethod (dot) com. Stay tuned for more NEAT girl spaces to come!

Happy Friday!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 02.19.15

Five Indoor Inspirations Done Right!

Are the winter months keeping you locked indoors? We've had some time to do some serious Pinterest perusing and found some new inspirations that we just HAD to share with you! 

Even though we typically are not the DIY type, this simple desk organizer has us motivated to make our own on a cold night in. 

We love the look of this take on a wardrobe for a child! Not only does it create additional hanging space, but could also make a room looks so cute!

We have seen the expedit shelving from ikea done wrong so many times... but this one was used so well we almost didn't recognize it!

No one LOVES to do laundry (at least we haven't met anyone). However, this picture makes us all want to put a load in the wash.

In this photo, we were particularly drawn to the use of all the different storage solutions. Typically, we like things to look very uniform, but the use of wire and woven baskets really makes this bathroom look great!

And finally... open shelves never looked so good...seriously!

We hope we brought some inspiration to your winter months. Fingers crossed spring is around the corner!


the NEAT girls

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Tuesday 02.17.15

Tuesday Tour :: Dear Mr. President, May We Come In???

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully all of you were able to have the day off for President's Day yesterday. In honor of those who have lead our country, we decided it would be fun to share some Presidential homes instead of a Tip Tuesday. Can you guess which President lived in each of these homes? Take a look and find the answers below!

George Washington, George Washington Home, home, historical home, Presidents day, beautiful homes, professional organizer, neat method, organized, home organization



Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln, home, historical home, Presidents day, beautiful homes, professional organizer, neat method, organized, home organization


FDR, Roosevelt, Roosevelt home, president home, home, historical home, Presidents day, beautiful homes, professional organizer, neat method, organized, home organization



Bill Clinton, Clinton home, Clinton first home, home, historical home, Presidents day, beautiful homes, professional organizer, neat method, organized, home organization

Any guesses? House #1 George Washington :: House #2 Abraham Lincoln :: House #3 FDR :: House #4 Bill Clinton's childhood home. Now if we could only get our NEAT hands on this Presidential home.... 


White house, Washington DC, professional organizer, organized, dream job

Hope you had a great President's Day and welcome to a short week!


the NEAT girls

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Thursday 02.12.15

Find Out Who We're Crushing On this V-Day!

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day. This year, we decided to share our true loves with you. First up is Lauren in the snowy Twin Cities. Nothing warms her heart quite like her two sweeties, Sloane and Ted. "Nothing on earth makes me happier than waking up and coming home to these two faces. I'm happy to report Sloane's a daddy's girl, as every girl should be! Looking forward to adding to my "sorority" in March and watching another love affair unfold with their dad!"

Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, Lauren Warner, Lauren Murphy, Ted Warner, Valentines Day, Snowy day, Snow, sledding, father daugther

In San Diego, Katie's heart is full of love. "This little boy has stolen my heart!!! Last Valentine's Day we were announcing that I was pregnant and this Valentine's Day I get to give him big kisses, I feel so lucky. His handsome dad will always be my Valentine though!"

Katie Koentje, baby, cute baby, baby valentine, valentines day, hearts, san diego, orange county, los angeles, LA, professional organizer

Ashley's son, Ben is her sweet little Valentine this year! He's not quite old enough to talk back just yet or think that snuggling mommy isn't cool!! So, fingers crossed that lasts until he's at least 20.

Ashley Murphy, Ben Murphy, mother son, Chicago, Valentines day, professional organizer, business woman, mother,
Marissa says her hubby, Alex, is her Valentine because he is sweet to her not just on V-day, but every day of the year! 
Marissa Hagmeyer, Marissa Crylen, Alex Hagmeyer, engagement photos, couple, love, valentines day, husband, wife, husband and wife, south florida, miami, ft lauderdale

In Chicago, Brooke was ready to gush about her special Valentine. "Andrew is my Valentine this year and every year and not just because he makes the best French toast on the planet, or because he rocks a Double Windsor like. a. boss. or even because he surprised me with a Valentine's Day weekend in my most favorite place ever  (Austin, TX!)..... but because he's the most wonderful guy a girl could ask for!" 

Brook Ruder, Andrew Neiman, couple, cute couple, Chicago, lady in red, valentines day, professional organizer

"Watching your love fall in love with his new son is enough to make your heart explode," says Molly. Certainly sounds like this Valentines day is one for the books!

Ryan Graves, Molly Graves, Hudson Graves, father son, valentines day, bottle feeding, baby, infant, new born, professional organizer, NEAT, Uber

In Columbus, there is some serious puppy love going on with Julia and her girl, Greta. Greta makes her smile everyday and is the best snuggler around! 

julia purdy, columbus, organizer, puppy, dog, terrier, bulldog, black and white, cute dog, professional organizer

It comes as no surprise that Catherine in D.C. is also naming her dog, Mr. Juice her Valentine this year. With a face like that, what's not to love!?

bulldog, sleeping, cute dogs, dog, washington dc, virginia, valentines day, love, catherine zinn, catherine savage

Mika's Valentines are the entire Perry family. All of them make her laugh everyday and she couldn't love them more!

Mika Perry, Russ Perry, Family, Valentine, jumping on the bed, cute family, hotel, family photo, professional organizer, Scottsdale, Phonenix

And last but certainly not least, Lauren's growing family in Michigan has got her heart full of love this year. Perry's adorable smile is the perfect addition to the Combs' team!

Michigan, snow, baby, boy, girl, dad, dog, sledding, winter, valentines, day, organizer, love,

We hope your Valentines Day is full of love this year!


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 02.10.15

Gifts That EVERY GIRL Wants This Valentines Day

The NEAT girls are tired of seeing people become victims of the "bad gift" curse. You know exactly what we're talking about because about right now, you are holding on to something that you do not like... at all. Why are you holding on to it? Because someone special gave it to you and you feel bad giving it away. Today, we are going to share some gift options that truly everyone will love - we are sure of it! 

hearts, valentines day, valentines, gifts, gift ideas, professional organizers, neat method,

First up on our wish list is this copper, metal basket from The Organizing Store. In case you didn't know, copper is super trendy right now! This could literally be placed anywhere within your home to add a little update to your space. As a gift, add a bottle of wine and a few wine glasses and you are all set!

copper basket, copper, basket, organizing, home organization, home style, home design

Next on our list is this Jan Burtz Gold Luster platter. This could be used for perfumes, jewelry, keys, coins, the list goes on and on. Regardless of what you use it for, it needs to be in your home STAT. 

gold tray, serving platter, abc carpet, abc home, home stores, New York, NYC, NYC home stores, simple tray, home organization

Finally, it's time to eliminate all of those vases that you have saved from receiving flowers and get one (or two!) that you absolutely love. We are really liking this one by Vera Wang.

home organization, home design, design, organization, vera wang, crystal vase, vase, professional organization, organizers,

Now that you are convinced that this truly is the best gift guide this Valentine's Day, be sure to descreetly leave this blog post up on your computer for your honey to see! 


the NEAT girls

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Friday 02.06.15

Friday Recap :: Life is Sweet - Top Bakeries Around the US

This week we shared where to get your sweetheart flowers for Valentines Day, but what if your sweetheart just really wants...delicious sweets?! Lucky for you, the NEAT girls have rounded up their favorite sweet shops from around the country! 

In the Twin Cities, don't even think about going anywhere besides Thumbs Cookies!

Thumbs cookies, twin cities, Minnesota, Minneapolis, cookies, cravings, shops, valentines day

In Michigan, stop by Astro Coffee for amazing pastries, brownies and cookies! Beyond delicious. 

Valentines Day, Michigan, Detroit, Astro Coffee, Hipster coffee shop, chalkboard wall, independent coffee shop, bakery, pastries

Want the most gorgeous chococlates you've ever seen? Head over to Artisan Confections in D.C.!

Chocolates, artisan chocolates, Washington DC, Artisan Confections, candies, valentines day

You can never make a trip to San Francisco without stopping into, Miette - it is seriously the most adorable sweets shop around!

Miette, Candy store, san francisco, vintage candies, sweets shop, valentines day,

Hands down the best local bakery in San Diego is, Elizabethan. Their holiday themed baked goods can't be missed.

San Diego, pies, cookies, candies, valentines day, Elizabethan, sweets, Katie Koentje

And a stop by Sweet Mandy B's in Chicago is a must. They are known for their cupcakes, but venture out and get ANYTHING else on their menu and you will not be disappointed!

Chicago, Brooke Ruder, cupcakes, best cupcakes, sweets, sweet mandy bs, frosting, sprinkles, best in chicago, best cupcakes,

Marissa's favorite bakery just so happens to be mobile! How awesome is that!? Check out the Babycake Bakery next time you are in South Florida. 

babycake, south florida, marissa hagmeyer, Marissa Crylen, sweets, bakery, Florida bakery, south florida bakery, Miami bakery, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale bakery

Last but not least, Mika can't get enough of Sprinkles Cupcakes! The best part about them is you can get them with a custom design on top. She, of course, chose NEAT!

Mika Perry, Russ Perry, sprinkles cupcakes, cupcakes, neat method, neat logo, scottsdale, phoenix, professional organizer

Have we officially given you an undeniable craving for sweets!? Head out and get some for your sweetie this Valentines Day. Oh, and we give you permission to sample them ahead of time as well!


the NEAT girls

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Thursday 02.05.15

There's a New Sheriff in Town... Find Out Where

If you couldn't tell from the title of this post, a new NEAT girl is hitting the scene... this time in San Francisco. After years of having Molly as the head point of contact in SF, we have found an amazing person to take over running the city. Please meet, Lisa Ruff! Lisa has been on the team for quite some time now and the transition to bring her "up to bat" in SF has been a long time coming. This January, we made it official and thought it was only right to formally introduce you to her. Enjoy getting to know our latest NEAT girl!

San Francisco, Giants, family, baby, baseball, organizing, professional organizer, Lisa Ruff

NM:: So, let's start simple and ease into this...what is your full name?

LR:: Wow! You weren't kidding about simple! It's Lisa Marie Ruff.

NM:: And where were you born? Raised? 

LR:: Like most NEAT girls, I am a Midwesterner. I was born in Flint, Michigan and raised in a suburb called Grand Blanc.

NM::  We love that you are from the Midwest! What made you settle in SF?

LR:: My husband and I moved here after college then we moved to Brooklyn for three years.  We came back to SF because we missed living in a city with immediate access to the outdoors.  We love going on day trips to Sonoma for wine, Tahoe for snow or Half Moon Bay for the tide pools & fish tacos.  These trips are currently a little aspirational considering we have a newborn right now!


Family, Halloween, bees, bee costume, father daughter, San Francisco, Organizer, professional organizer, Lisa Ruff

NM:: Yes! We heard the news you had a baby! Can you tell us a little bit more about your adorable family?

LR:: It was just my husband Corey and I for a long time. In 2011, our daughter Louisa Scout arrived. Last month, we welcomed our newest addition Beatrice Valentine!  My mom retired after Lulu was born and now lives in Sausalito. Corey is completely outnumbered, but I think he secretly loves it. 

Baby, baby girl, little girl, baby and girl, blonde girl, professional photo, sisters, newborn, san francisco, professional organizer, lisa ruff

NM:: Okay so you have your hands full right now! If you get a minute to sneak out, where do you like to go? What are some of your favorite shops? Or where do you like to eat? Hang out? 

LR:: Now that I have kids, I stick pretty close to my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods, but I’m lucky because there are loads of great shops. One of my favorites is Books, Inc. My daughter Lulu took her first steps in their Haight Street store. For kids, I also love Fiddlesticks in Hayes Valley. At Christmas time they have the BEST stocking stuffers. Lulu and I also regularly snack on the infamous $4 toast at The Mill. 

Whenever Corey and I get a chance to eat out alone, we go to Bar Crudo. For some reason, I always drink something sparkling there so it feels like a mini celebration. This past weekend we were feeling particularly brave and we took both girls to El Mercado Urbano for tacos and sangria. It’s a converted garage with two large doors that open, so antsy kids can easily spill out onto the sidewalk. 

Little girl, bike helmet, the Mill, San Francisco, toast, breakfast, coffee, kids down vest, fun activities,

NM:: Okay, let's take it in a totally different direction...Where did you go to college? Were you involved in anything fun on campus, besides socializing? ;)

LR:: Ha. I attended the University of Michigan. I was actually a bit of a nerd and participated in several volunteer organizations like the Prison Creative Art Project. I facilitated improvisational theatre workshops in men’s prisons in MI.

beach, beach activities, hats, little girl, mother daughter, daughter, mother, san francisco

NM:: Who is your current celebrity crush?

LR:: Indris Elba. I loved him from The Wire, but was hooked after hearing his native British accent in Luther. 

NM:: Who doesn't love a good accent!? Is there anything that not many people know about you? Something interesting you want to share with our followers? Allergy? Embarrassing story? Something unique about you? Anything - ha!

LR::  Ahhh, this question always kills me! I’m a licensed attorney and I don’t drink coffee. I have a very dry sense of humor that my husband constantly worries will offend people because they will take it the wrong way.

NM:: We are literally laughing out loud over your list of little known facts!

father daughter, father, daughter, beach, San francisco, blue skies, waves, Professional organizer

NM:: Other than the Container Store, where do you like to shop for organizational solutions?

LR::  I will continue the kid-centric theme and say: Land of Nod! I love the touch of color and whimsy that their bins and baskets add to my home. I recently fell in love with their felt bins. Lulu can drag them around our apartment and I don’t have to worry about her ruining our wood floors. 

Little girl, library, books, bookclub, reading, story time, stories, professional organizer, neat method, lisa ruff

NM:: Speaking of kids dragging things around on wood floors...what is your most OCD tendency?

LR:: I cannot leave a mess…never…EVER. I always pick up before leaving home or starting something else. My husband thinks I’m insane because we have a 3 year old who can rip through our apartment like a tornado. During play dates at our home, I will quietly pick up the toys the kids are no longer playing with. I can't help myself. It’s a compulsion. Running through my head is: if I don’t have the time now, when will I have it?  I actually think that’s why my apartment is so NEAT. Pro tip: pick up as you go along!

beach, summer, beach day, mother daughter, mother, daughter, lisa ruff, professional organizer, San francisco

NM:: What makes you most excited about NEAT San Francisco?

LR:: I’m excited about the possibilities. Molly and Ashley have done a killer job of establishing the brand here, and there is so much that can be done to further it. Also the amazing team we’ve put together here!  Over the past few months, we’ve worked hard to put together a sold team of organizing ninjas. I cannot wait to see how we grow together. 

NM:: Anything you would like to tell our San Francisco followers in particular?

LR:: I love this city and the organization challenges that it poses! Like working on walk-in closets converted into nurseries or creating office storage in a kitchen nook or a total reorg of a Victorian after a major renovation. You never know what the inside of a home will look like because there are so many unique buildings in our city. It makes our job fun and fresh every time!

NM:: We are so excited for you Lisa and we absolutely LOVE that you have already employed the youngest NEAT girl (see pic of Lulu below)

Little girl, handyman, measuring, ladder, wall, cute girl, san francisco, professional organizer, neat method

We couldn't be happier to have Lisa on the NEAT team and are excited for her take SF by storm! 


the NEAT girls

Monday 02.02.15

Tip Tuesday :: 3 Ways to Get Flowers on Demand for V-Day!

Are you feeling the pressure of Valentines Day? Lucky for you we have three FLAWLESS ways to help you get amazing flowers even if you wait until the last minute. Check out these awesome options below::

candy hearts, hearts, candy, valentines, valentines day, conversation hearts, professional organizers, washington dc, south florida, scottsdale, columbus, detroit, twin cities, san diego, chicago, san francisco

Option 1:: Bouqs

Their Story :: The flowers are cut only 2-4 days before they are delivered to your sweetie's home. The flowers are fresh and last for a long time! Which means you will score extra points since the bouquet will be around for a while to remind them how much you care!

bouqs, on demand flowers, flowers, fresh flowers, flowers quick, valentines day, valentines day gifts, valentines day ideas, last minute valentines day,

Option 2 :: Bloom That

Their Story :: Currently, Bloom That is only in San Francisco, but they are wildly successful (pun sort of intended) so we think they will be in other cities soon! They are also, "on demand" and offer some pretty spectacular tulips. And to top it off, you can send a bouquet that comes with a paint can wrapped with twine... trust us... it's awesome!

bloom that, on demand flowers, flowers, fresh flowers, flowers quick, valentines day, valentines day gifts, valentines day ideas, last minute valentines day,

Option 3 :: Urban Stems

Their Story :: They are the East coast verstion of Bloom That. They also offer flowers on demand perfectly wrapped with burlap. They will even deliver flowers through ice and snow! Now that is service. 

urban stems, on demand flowers, flowers, fresh flowers, flowers quick, valentines day, valentines day gifts, valentines day ideas, last minute valentines day,

Hopefully one of these three amazing flower options works for you! Cheers to a Valentines Day full of love, and fresh stems!


the NEAT girls

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