Friday 09.19.14

The NEAT girls are LOVING Fall already...

Well, its officially FALL! Goodbye summer and hello changing color leaves, campfires, smore's, and (spiked) apple cider! To kick off this fun season, we are paying each girl a visit to see just exactly how FALL is treating them! :)

NEAT Dallas' Katie O went to lunch with girlfriends at Le Bilboquet in Dallas this past week! It was such a cute, fun little spot - with yummy mimosas too!

NEAT Chicago's Heather went camping in Michigan with her friends for a birthday weekend! How cute is this group? (Heather is in the red plaid up top, go figure!)

It seems everyone in MN flocks to the farmer's market to enjoy the last of the amazing home grown food before the snow! NEAT Twin Cities Lo's daughter, Sloane, is partial to the farm to table corn!

Mika says that it isn't exactly fall in Scottsdale, but you better believe she's already lit her pumpkin candles and opened the windows for the "brisk" 89 degree nights. It's her favorite time of the year! Here is her daughter Reesey (cheering on the Chicago BEARS?! WHAT?!) with her boyfriend Bennett. :)

NEAT Chicago's Brooke headed up to Wisconsin to cheer on The Green Bay Packers with her boyfriend and two friends from LA.

Our co-founder Ashley headed to one of the last Cub's game of the season with her little cutie son Bennett! 

NEAT Miami's Mariss found the biggest door in America! JK! But it is rather large - how cool is that?

And apparently NEAT DC's Cath doesn't want to embrace fall AT ALL. Here she is enjoying the beaches of New Jersey while in town for a wedding.

Hope you all gearing up for a fun fall as much as we are!!! Bring on the candy corn!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 09.18.14

Ashley's Kitchen Makeover

Who doesn't LOVE a good kitchen makeover??? Well, you're in luck! One of our very own just survived a grueling 7 weeks of getting her kitchen in tip top shape and she's here today to share how the process evolved. Ash, please tell us the in's and out's of your Kitchen Rehab!

AM :: Well, right when we found our place we knew that we were going to need to give it a bit of a Space Lift. It was literally built in the 80's and quite frankly seemed a bit stuck in the 80's. With features like yellow toilets and tubs, to brown shag carpets, and one inch gummy base boards, the only way for us to really love it was to do a complete overhaul. It's really been super fun learning how such a process works! Don't get me wrong, there were definitely a few tears and frustrations, but all in all we have made it through and are very proud of all of the hard work!

The biggest project of all was by far our Kitchen. It's amazing what you originally think will just take a few tweaks, ultimately requires much much more. The picture below shows what my initial plan was for our kitchen. Since this isn't our forever home, we wanted to do our best to make it updated, but not spend a fortune doing so. 

AM :: I originally thought that it would be easy to just replace all of the things listed above, get new cabinetry and appliances... and it would look as good as new. Well, turns out...after discussing this with a handful of designer friends and our contractor, we would get more for our money to just gut the whole thing. I was shocked how much more I could actually do once we made the decision to just do it all. Unfortunately, what we thought would take 3 weeks, did indeed take 7, but all very well worth the wait! 

Here are a handful of the BEFORE pics. Please make note of the Terracotta floors, ugly light fixture, soffits throughout, old (broken) fridge, and (what you can't tell) peeling, basically plastic, cabinets.






Stay tuned next week for the AFTER pics and the story behind the process...including how you can build your very own dream kitchen just like Ash did! It's to DIE for!


the NEAT girls


Tuesday 09.16.14

Our Football Survival Guide

It's officially football season in America! And for the majority of us, this typically means crowding around a TV with yummy snacks and fulfilling drinks while cheering on your favorite team! On the flip, your boyfriend or husband practically ingnores you for those few hours, only occassionally looking your way to smile during a horrible commercial. "Oh hey, honey"

football, football model, hot girl with football, model with football, victoria secret models, victoria secret model with football, victoria secret football line

Well the JOKE is on him! While he's busy drooling at the 65 inch LED can slyly sneak away and get to organizing & styling his man cave that has always needed your personal touch.

And you're in luck, here are our most recent favorite finds!

man cave, items for a man cave, how to decorate a man cave, linen bulletin board, collapsable basket, dark wood baskets, agate bookends, agate, wire magazine rack, candle, bourbon candle, silver tray, silver tray with leather handles, jayson home and garden, restoration hardware office

:: magazine tote :: bourbon candle :: Restoration Hardware Office Supplies (on sale) :: silver tray with leather handles :: agate bookends :: leather hanging file box :: linen bulletin board :: foldable baskets :: 


Between all of these items, you should be able to make Mr. (Almost) Perfect....well, at least perfectly organized in his office! ;)


the NEAT girls


Thursday 09.11.14

West Coast Livin' is Pretty Dang Good...

Our SF rockstars have been pretty much living the life on the West Coast -- stunning scenery, amazing weather year around, and not to mention organizing beautiful homes with great clients!

We thought we'd pop in and see just what the NEAT San Francisco life is all about!

How gorgeous is this master closet with sliding barn door?! We are absolutely obsessed with everything going on here! And even more so because its so perfectly organized! :)

And who doesn't love shoes, shoes, and more shoes...organized NEAT on custom shoe shelves! Stunning!

When they aren't busy organizing beautiful closets, the NEAT SF team is busy at this cool office space!

ORRRRR on the hunt for a little DQ! Dairy Queen blizzards will always make every day just a little bit sweeter!



the NEAT girls

Tuesday 09.09.14


Fall Fashion Week has officially kicked off in New York City and it is officially our favorite occassion to followWith more than 100 shows taking place, we of course have been dying to find out about the latest and greatest street styles and celebrity sightings! Here are just a few of our favorite and most interesting finds...paired with NEAT & organized spaces of course!



new york fashion week, new york fashion week street style, red dress, red bins, neat, neat method, kids bins, kids toy room, organized toys, red bins, chalkboard labels


kendall jenner, kendall jenner nyfw, kendall jenner model, kendall jenner new york fashion week, kardashians new york fashion week, kendall jenner catwalk


song of style, amiee song, song of style street style, song of style blog, fashion, new york fashion week, new york fashion week street style, nyfw streel style, gray kitchen, gray coffee station, coffee station,


yellow neon home, neon in the home, neon home, day glow, yellow door, neon yellow door, new york fashion week, nyfw, black and yellow nyfw

It's settled... Fashion & Organization go hand n' hand!


the NEAT girls

:: Image 1.1 1.2 :: image 2.1 2.2 :: image 3.1 3.2 :: image 4.1 4.2

Friday 09.05.14

Heading to Georgetown

One of the things each NEAT girl tends to love most about NEAT Method, is the mere fact that we have each other to help grow and succeed each of our locations together! As the saying goes "it takes a village."

A very special NEAT San Francisco client of ours recently moved to Washington DC - and as sad as SF was to see them go, DC was extremely happy to gain a new amazing client! And since this was such a special and fun move, SF's oldie - Heather (currently now in Chicago) - made her way to DC to lend an extra hand! Literally...

heather byrne, catherine zinn, neat method, neat, washington dc, dc organizers, georgetown organizers, georgetown, cute girls

Standard trip at The Container Store...

the container store, full car, packed car, messy car, shopping, car full of bags, shopping bags

Organizing the most beautiful women's shoe shelves we ever did see!

shoe shelves, designer shoes, designer shoe closet, shoe closet, master closet, women's closet, walk in closet, white wood closet, white closet, lots of shoes, many shoes, organized shoes, organized designed shoes

Quick selfie in front of our fabulous work!

heather byrne, catherine zinn, neat method, washington dc organizers, georgetown organizers, chicago organizers, snapchat, selfie

Another view of the master closet - killer combo of jackets and pumps!

shoe shelves, designer shoes, designer shoe closet, shoe closet, master closet, women's closet, walk in closet, white wood closet, white closet, lots of shoes, many shoes, organized shoes, organized designed shoes, wood hangers, designer jackets, organized jackets, hermes orange box, hermes box

Cuties Catherine Zinn & Heather Byrne

heather byrne, catherine zinn, neat method, washington dc organizers, georgetown organizers, chicago organizers, american flag jean jacket, american flag jacket

Our day wouldn't be complete without the most amazing milkshake on the PLANET. We kid you not - most amazing! Next time you are in Georgetown, be sure to stop by Good Stuff Eatery for the Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake! We die...

good stuff eatery, good stuff eatery milkshake, good stuff eatery toasted marshmallow milkshake, toasted marshmallow milkshake, marble kitchen, gray kitchen, grey kitchen, marble gray kitchen

While the majority of Heather's trip was all work and no play, Catherine was able to play tour guide on the way to the airport! Quick stop at the Capitol Building - and of course Hez had to pack her American Flag jacket (she can't go anywhere without it)

american flag jean jacket, american flag jacket, washington dc, washington dc capitol, washington dc capitol building, dc capitol, dc capitol building, tourist

Until next time Georgetown...


the NEAT girls

PS :: We might have found our newest intern / cheerleader! She's a natural!

cute girl, little girl, home organizer in georgetown, organizer in dc, dc organizer, dc home
Tuesday 09.02.14

How the NEAT Girls Labor Day

It's Tuesday and we are already missing the Labor Day Weekend! Who doesn't love a good three-day weekend to relax! Although we can't go back...we can look at pictures and daydream!

So let's check out what all the NEAT girls were up to this holiday weekend!

First up - NEAT Miami's Marissa spent vacation at Mayakoba in Riviera Maya, Mexico! Cute Truffle bag Mariss!

truffle, one truffle, one truffle bag, Mayakoba, Riviera Maya, Mexico Riviera Maya Mexico, mexico beaches, mexico beach, red pouch

NEAT Chicago's Heather was in Rye, New York with the in-laws -- spending her days at the beaches of Manursing Island Club.

manursing island club, mic, manursing, rye new york, rye, long island sound, long island, heather byrne, max byrne, byrne, neat method

NEAT Dallas' Katie O attended the SMU vs Baylor opening football game at Baylor's new McLane Stadium in Waco, Texas. Katie O was of course team ponies, while her boyfriend was team bears! ;)

neat method, katie oswald, football, football rivalry

NEAT DC's Cath spent the weekend at her pool surrounded by close friends...and large donuts!

pool party, beach party, dc, dc pool, neat, neat method

NEAT Chicago's Brooke was with friends on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. An American Flag near a dock on the lake, gets us everytime!

wisconsin, lake geneva, neat, neat method, lake life, american flag, dock, sunset on lake

NEAT Twin Cities' Lo enjoyed the long weekend with one of her best girlfriends from college! Here is Lo's daughter Sloane with her new boyfriend - Miles! (He's into her...we think)

lo warner, neat method, cute babies, babes,

NEAT SF's Molly has been on an Alaskan cruise for the week with her husband, Ryan, and his family! How cute are they??

molly graves, ryan graves, neat method, alaskan cruise, alaska, uber, ryan graves uber,

NEAT Chicago's Ashley enjoyed quiet time in the wilderness of Ohio with her family. Ben refused to ride in the stroller!

ashley murphy, neat method, home organizer in chicago, chicago home organizer, baby boy

And last, but not least, our new-mommy Katie B of NEAT San Diego! All their families have come and gone since the birth of their baby Ryan, and now they are heading into their first week of just their immediate new little family! (Hence the glass of white wine) ;) Best of luck!


Katie Koentje, organize nursery, nautical nursery, boy nursery, cute boy nursery, nursery ideas, organized baby room, preparing for baby, nesting, nesting a nursery, nursery tips, home organizer in la, home organizer in san diego, baby wall decor, nursery wall decor, map of the world, wall map of the world, world nursery

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Now enjoy getting back to the grind...


the NEAT girls

Friday 08.29.14

Best Ice Bucket Challenges

If you missed last Friday's post on all of our lovely NEAT girls who have been donating AND participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...then don't worry! We've got more wet & wild NEAT girls heading your way!

This week we've got NEAT DC and NEAT Scottsdale's videos to share! They sure make dumping ice on your head look pretty! ;)



NEAT Scottsdale ...

Also hott this week are the many hilarous approaches to the challenge. From Matt Damon's toilet water challenge to a lost bikini top, these certainly take the Ice Bucket Challenge to a whole new level! 

Who knew how entertaining it would be to watch people dump ice water on their head! Happy Friday!!

the NEAT girls

Please support the cause and donate to fight ALS here!

Thursday 08.28.14

Moving In & Up With NEAT

It is definitely that time of the year! No, we don't mean those common end of August sayings: "back to school" or "fall"! We are actually referring to moving season... which happens to be one of our favorite seasons! ;)

We all know that moving & the unpacking can be hectic and stressful, but here at NEAT, we tend to find it as one of our most exciting jobs! We essentially get to work from a blank canvas!

It just so happens our NEAT Scottsdale gal, Mika, was recently given as a Thank You Gift from a realtor to a new home buyer. What a cute way to say thank you - helping the new homeowners get settled into their dream home!

Since the Scottsdale team worked their cute butts off on one of their most fun jobs, we thought it would be fun to share all the scoop, along with some NEAT tips & tricks to have NEAT move in!

First up...the calm before the storm in the Her Master (stunning) Closet!

Oh hey! Here is Mika hard at work!

*Using a rolling rack is one easy & simple way to start the hanging process! You may not necessarily determine what clothes should take which hanging rod, until you can see how big your hanging sections are per category (think tops, bottoms, dresses, etc).

*Designate specfic drawers for undergarments. We typically like the drawers to reflect the body - bras, undies, and then socks!

*Jewelry organization is a must for most women! For a cleaner and sleeker look, we prefer to use acrylic organizers to display baubles!

*And as we have preached before, slimline hangers are a must!

Now here is the calm before the storm in the HIS Master Closet!

(Which by the way, we love how masculine they were able to create the closet!)

*We color code shoes, making it easier to find what to wear based on your outfit!

*We love using these tie organizers for the fellas! You can buy them here!

*And every man needs a catch tray when he comes home and needs to empty out his pockets!

Here is Mika amongst the "mess" in the kitchen as she sorts through the client's belongings!

*It is important to first understand what all you have, before you can start finding a permanent home for things.

How beautiful is this pantry!

*More common and everyday eaten items, like breakfast foods and snacks, are on lower shelves. And because this particular client doesn't bake all that often, baking ingredients were placed on higher shevles.

*We implemented kid friendly plastic containers for food items, (cereals, dried fruit, nuts, etc).

*And who doesn't love a good chalkboard label? We adore!

*We like to designate lower drawers for younger children who are at the age when they are learning to take care of themselves. By placing kid friendly snack foods lower, children can help pack their lunches in the AM or grab a snack without bothering you!

We hope you all love the moving process as much as we do! But if not, NEAT is only a phone call away! ;)


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 08.26.14

3 Ways to Organize DIY Style...

Who doesn't love a good DIY project? It's always fun when a rainy day comes along or the kids head back to school. Time to just sprawl out on the floor among all your supplies and get crafty! And what better way to get crafty, then by completing a little DIY... organization related obviously!!

Here are just a few of our favorites...

1. One of our favorite DIY Organization Queens is IHEART Organizing - and she just so happens to have a great DIY tutorial on making your very own bracelet display! Learn how here!

2. We're obsessed with hese amazingly sharp looking gold and acrylic clipboards to keep your papers off the floor and organized in style!

How about hiding some of those electrical cords and/or routers that tend to be eye soars?! Get a little crafty and glue old spine books together to create hidden storage! Details here

You now know what we plan to do on our next rainy day! Bring on the DIY!


the NEAT girls

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