Tuesday 11.25.14

Tip Tuesday :: 3 Quick Thanksgiving Recipes That Can't be Missed!

Admit it - the holidays came quicker than you expected and you've barely given a thought to your Thanksgiving meal plans. Even a NEAT girl can get overwhelmed with her To-Do list every now and again (especially during this time of year!) Lucky for you, we've scoured the web and found some DELISH looking recipes that will certainly make it seem like you gave them the time and effort Thanksgiving deserves. 

First up is from the woman of "good things", Martha. It's no secret that everyone's favorite part of thanksgiving is the stuffing. This short recipe will ensure that it makes it on your table this year.

Martha Stewart, Thanksgiving, stuffing recipe, quick food, fast recipes, thanksgiving food, thanksgiving ideas

Making a fennel and orange salad will accomplish a few things for your last minute Thanksgiving:: 

1. You have a healthy side

2. The colors will add to the overall look of the table

3. Nothing you make will be quicker than this!

healthy sides, healthy snacks, salads, salad recipes, salad recipe, thanksgiving sides, thanksgiving ideas, thanksgiving food

Finally ... no Thanksgiving is complete without a proper dessert. Although some may be disappointed that you didn't make a traditional pumpkin pie (go buy one at Costco - they are seriously so good) no one will turn away a brownie. This Nutella brownie recipe includes TWO ingredients - TWO! This one is so simple it might have to be a staple item in the NEAT Method pantry from now on.

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We hope these recipes help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving. Where's the turkey you ask? There is no shame in getting one pre cooked from the store. We promise not to tell!


The NEAT girls

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Friday 11.21.14

NorCal is Where It's At!

With our NEAT Method Headquarters based in San Francisco, we can't help but have a special place in our hearts for the Bay Area! We thought we'd pay Northern California a visit and see what our NEAT SF girls have been up! And BOY have they been BUSY!

First up, creating the most beautiful and NEAT nursery for a recent client! We just can't get enough pictures of the cuteness!


nursery, organized nursery, cute white nursery, organizing a nursery, nursery tips, girl nursery, baby girl room

Labeled drawers so both Mommy, Daddy, and Nanny know what's what!

nursery, organized nursery, cute white nursery, organizing a nursery, nursery tips, girl nursery, baby girl room, organized baby drawer, baby drawers, labeled drawers

In this photo, you can slightly see clear bins behind the woven bins. That's because the girls created bins for their client's baby's next size up clothes, and tucked them out of sight, but within reach!

nursery, organized nursery, cute white nursery, organizing a nursery, nursery tips, girl nursery, baby girl room

And how cute are these Beach House Bins from The Container Store?? They are NEAT SF's new favorite basket - and all our client's love them too!

nursery, organized nursery, cute white nursery, organizing a nursery, nursery tips, girl nursery, baby girl room

Felt Bins from West Elm were labeled perfectly with adorable silver clips. They are a nice touch and alternative from our usual tie or pin to lavel a bin!

organized kids room, west elm felt bins, felt bins, labeled bins

We can't take credit for this, BUT we couldn't help but share with you all one of our client's AMAZINGLY already organized space! Her home is currently under rennovation, so she's organized all the fixtures for he contractor - so he doesn't mess a single thing up! We couldn't have done it better ourselves! ;)

AND it goes to show you, even very organized people need a little NEAT in their life!


organized hardware, how to organize light fixtures, organizing for a renovation, organizing for a contractor

Laslty, incase you missed Thursday's post -- NEAT SF was invited to host an event for American Express at their new Centurion Lounge in SFO. You can read all the details, and learn some pretty NEAT tips, here!

And a HUGE shoutout to NEAT San Francisco's soon-to-be LEAD ORGANIZER, Haley! Happy to have you on the team! :)

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We hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, and a great weekend gearing up for Thanksgiving next week!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 11.20.14

Lounging at SFO

Today we can't help but share some exciting news for everyone living in the Bay Area or flying in and out of San Francisco! American Express Card Members traveling to the Bay Area have a new reason to get to the airport early or even... (gasp!) stay a while at the airport. Early?! Late!? Yes, you heard us right! That's because they've opened The Centurion Lounge in SFO!

The Centurion Lounge in SFO, American Express Lounge, SFO, SFO lounge, traveling tips, best airports, SFO airport, San Francisco airport, SFO terminal 3

The Lounge, located in Terminal 3, features some pretty amazing amenities:

Wine & Dine with Napa Valley inpsired, seasonal cuisine!

Work & Play with high speed Wi-Fi and a sound-proof family room for children!

Relax & Recharge with luxurious shower suites. 

The Centurion Lounge in SFO, American Express Lounge, SFO, SFO lounge, traveling tips, best airports, SFO airport, San Francisco airport, SFO terminal 3

Soooo basically what we are saying is, we are never going to leave the airport!

The Centurion Lounge in SFO, American Express Lounge, SFO, SFO lounge, traveling tips, best airports, SFO airport, San Francisco airport, SFO terminal 3

Why exactly are we bringing this up you ask? Because American Express was kind enough to invite our NEAT San Francisco team to present Organized Travel: Tips & Tricks from the Pros at their Pre-Opening Private Party Event! 

And just because we love all our readers, we are going to share with you our insider tips!

The Centurion Lounge in SFO, American Express Lounge, SFO, SFO lounge, traveling tips, best airports, SFO airport, San Francisco airport, SFO terminal 3, neat method, lisa ruff, lisa ruff neat method, neat method traveling tips

Frustrated with how to pack your clothes?? We prefer alternatives to rolling clothes -- the best solutions include: compression packing or bundling.

Can't decide on the best solution for packing jewelry?? Use a pill case! It's the perfect size for tiny jewelry -- each get their own compartment, and because it's hard, they are protected and won't get tangled in a mess!

Traveling with only a carry-on but can't part with your favorite hair products?? GoToobs are perfect for just the right amount of shampoo/conditioner/shower soap!

Can't forget your phone charger, headphones, etc...but how do you keep them organized and all together?? With our favorite item, the Cordito!

And one of the most common questions we get - how do you stay organized while on your actual flight? We happen to love using the Seat Pack! It fits everything important you will need, all in one place! It's bright so you won't forget it, and it has a clip so you can click it on to the seat in front of you while you sit! Genius right??

Traveling abroad?? You need to be overly prepared! We recommend making photo copies of your passport for everyone traveling with you. Each person will need to keep a copy of everyone's passport in their personal bag...just to be safe!


The Centurion Lounge in SFO, American Express Lounge, SFO, SFO lounge, traveling tips, best airports, SFO airport, San Francisco airport, SFO terminal 3, traveling tips, traveling tips from organizing experts, flight 001, compression packing

We want to sincerely thank American Express for inviting us to such a fun event at SFO! We can't wait to visit The Centurion Lounge everytime we are at the SFO Airport now ;)


the NEAT girls

:: Lounge Photo Credit to American Express :: Event Photo Credit to Kimberly White/Getty Images for American Express ::

The Centurion Lounge in SFO, American Express Lounge, SFO, SFO lounge, traveling tips, best airports, SFO airport, San Francisco airport, SFO terminal 3
Tuesday 11.18.14

Tip Tuesday :: Holiday Travel in Style

With Thanksgiving just a week away, everyone has holiday traveling on their minds!  Just when we get settled into Thanksgiving...it ends, and Christmas basically slaps us in the face! The Holiday Season seems to FLY BY every year, and that's why staying organized with your travel packing & planning is very important! 

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We couldn't be more excited for the holiday season to get under full swing, so today we are sharing some of our favorite products to pack and keep you organized on your next trip this winter!

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:: Flight 001 Spacepack (Compression Packing Technology) :: Ted Baker Cosmetic Case :: Flight 001 Rollaway Carry-On Bag :: ASOS Leather Purse Travel Wallet :: Kate Spade Jewelry Pouch ::

Now where exactly are you off to?? We are absolutely obsessed with booking our flights through Hipmunk! They make looking for the perfect flight as easy as possible - search by time, price, duration OR our favorite - agony, which combines them all! 

himpmunk, travel app, cheap tickets, flights, cheap flights, cheap airfare, travel plans,

We're wishing everyone safe (and organized) holiday travels this season!!


the NEAT girls

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Thursday 11.13.14

Here We Come Southern California!

We have THE BEST news, coming straight from Southern California! Our gal Katie B is BACK from maternity leave, and we couldn't be more thrilled!!! Lucky for Katie, her "AMAZING" right hand girl Candice was able to help San Diego live the NEAT Life while Katie B enjoyed a few weeks of motherhood!

So what exactly has SOCAL been up to these past few weeks?? We thought we'd pay them a visit...and make our cold weather states jealous of all that sunny California has to offer! ;)

Reunited on a job at last...Katie B & Candice couldn't be more excited!

katie Koentje, neat, neat method, neat san diego, san diego home organizers, professional organizers in san diego

The girls enjoyed helping their Newport Beach client get their craft room in order! The wrapping station is all set and ready, just in time for the Holidays! Santa has nothing on this workshop! ;)

craft room, crafts, san diego home organizers, organizers in san diego


raft room, crafts, san diego home organizers, organizers in san diego, craft room DIY, how to organize crafts, crafting tips, labeled jars, labeled chalkboard jars

How about this PERFECT Coronado view for a closet installation on Coronado Island!

san diego, home organizers in san diego, professional organizers in san diego, california coast, Coronado, Coronado Island, Coronado California

We would give anything for this STUNNING closet! How beautiful is it - and even more so when it's organized NEATly!

master closet, how to organize master closet, organized closet, professional organizer in san diego, san diego home organizer, san diego organizers

Who doesn''t take a good SELFIE in the pantry before you organize??? If no one else... Katie, Candice, and Claire sure do!

professional organizer in san diego, san diego home organizer, san diego organizers, neat, neat method, neat method san diego, katie Koentje

Lastly, we couldn't pay SD a visit without checking in on little sweet cheeks Ryan Harrison Koentje! Here he is at 3 months! "It's not easy leaving this adorable face, but bringing The NEAT Life to Southern California makes it all worthwhile!"

katie Koentje, neat method, neat san diego, cute baby boy, baby boy 3 months, 3 month old baby

Living in Southern California, with constant sunshine, and helping people live the NEAT Life...seems like it doesn't get much better than that!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 11.13.14

Your Survival Guide for Turkey Day

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we felt it was only appropriate to share (what we think is) the greatest Survival Guide to help you manage this holiday season! This is really geared towards the hostess with the mostess, but there are some yummy recipes below that anyone can contribute to the big (holi)day! 

thanksgiving, how to prepare for thanksgiving, thanksgiving survival guide, holiday survival guide, thanksgiving party, how to throw a thanksgiving party

1. Get your kitchen in working order :: figure out what you're going ot make and put your list together now! Do you have the correct ingredients already? Is there room in your fridge? Hosting should give you the inspiration to go through all of your foods and spices, to see what is taking up unnecessary space. Also, it might be nice to make sure you have enough storage containers to send people home with leftovers! ;)

thanksgiving, how to prepare for thanksgiving, thanksgiving survival guide, holiday survival guide, thanksgiving party, how to throw a thanksgiving party, organized fridge, how to organize a fridge, oprah, how to organize with oprah, oprah tips

2. Make sure the powder room (or guest bath) is set up for guests :: enough toliet paper, candles, poopourri, tissues, etc! Basically, the necessities to make any guest feel at home! Not only does this make you appear to be the next Martha, but it also helps prepare and make your space look NEAT!

thanksgiving, how to prepare for thanksgiving, thanksgiving survival guide, holiday survival guide, thanksgiving party, how to throw a thanksgiving party, organized bathroom, white bathroom

3. Prepare a fun activitiy / game :: Do some research on the latest & greatest games to play with your family. Ie Utter Nonsense, liar's dice, Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, etc! Or if games aren't your thing, and you'd prefer to reminisce...pull together photo albums and/or create a slide show to play on your TV!


thanksgiving, how to prepare for thanksgiving, thanksgiving survival guide, holiday survival guide, thanksgiving party, how to throw a thanksgiving party, utter nonsense, utter nonsense the game, card games, family card games

4. Prep for the kitchen clean up :: Most likely everyone will have arrived with something delish to contribute to the party, so it's important that you prepare for cleaning the dishes prior to the end of the party. Who wants to have 15 dishes that they then have to coordinate 15 different returns of?? Have an assembly line prepped - dish soap, towels, and your significant other/children help clear the clutter together! ;)

thanksgiving, how to prepare for thanksgiving, thanksgiving survival guide, holiday survival guide, thanksgiving party, how to throw a thanksgiving party, dirty dishes, men doing the dishes, doing the dishes 50s, dirty dishes, cleaning the dishes

Happy almost weekend and almost Thanksgiving! Now who's in charge of making the turkey?? ;)


the NEAT girls

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Tuesday 11.11.14

Tip Tuesday :: In Honor of Our Veterans

Today is Veteran's Day, a national holiday when we honor the courageous men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. As we celebrate the dedication, sacrifice and enduring achievements of almost 22 million living Americans who serve(d) our Nation, we thought it was only fitting to honor these heros today!


american flag, american flag girls, girls with american flag, usa flag, red white and blue, stars and stripes, 4th of july flag, veterans day, veteran's day

With these brave soldiers in mind, we've rounded up some of our favorite red, white, blue, and camo organizational products so you, too, can easily honor our Veteran's on a regular basis! Plus, who doesn't love anything and everything U-S-A?!?!

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:: Wayfair American Flag Boxes, set of 2 :: Target Dark Green and Neutral Weave Basket :: American Atelier White Ceramic Canister Set with Red Lids :: The Organizing Store American Flag Luggage Tag :: Del Toro Green Camo Accessories Tray :: Target small Rugby Striped Plastic Bin :: The Container Store Red White and Blue CD Boxes :: 

veteran's day, veterans day, veterans, usa, american flag, raising of american flag, usa flag, patriotic, patriotisim

GOD BLESS AMERICA & everyone who serves our beloved country!


the NEAT girls

:: image 1 + 20 interesting facts about Veteran's Day ::

Friday 11.07.14

AZ Livin with our Gal Mika

We know exactly what you are all thinking today..."What's been going on in Scottsdale Arizona lately??" And boy we couldn't agree more! We are in desparate need of having a little more MIKA back in our lives, so we're headed that way to see just exactly what she and her NEAT Scottsdale team have been up to!

Mika apparently "really enjoyed" spending the day in her client's bathroom. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly...and you will understand exactly why, when you see how beautiful the space is! We might just move into their bathtub too ;)

And just how does Mika help Scottsdale and the surrounding areas in Arizona live the NEAT life?? A picture is worth a thousand words...and then some more!





Now we couldn't do a proper recap without a little personal update as well! Did you know Mika is also a SUPER MOM?? She food preps on Sunday to have meals ready for the entire week! How organized & cute is she?!

A much needed date night with her hubby at Lon's at the Hermosa Inn in Paraside Valley with stunning palm trees!

And here is Mika with her adorable daughter on Halloween! The cutest little ballerina we ever did see!

Live in Scottsdale, or know someone that does? Mika is ready to help you transform your space NEATly in no time!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 11.06.14

A 10th NEAT City...

Well, it's official...NEAT is definitely starting to take over the World!

Yep! That's right! We've found yet another great woman to run NEAT in her city. Please read a little further to find out all about our NEAT new city and our NEAT new girl...

Yes....get excited O-H-I-O because we are heading your way! NEAT Columbus is officially open for business! Now who is the adorable girl behind the location? Let's find out!!

NM :: Hello dear Julia!! Our NEAT followers are dying to know more about you! So let's start with the basic hard facts...

JP :: Ha! I love this! This is going to be fun!

So my full name is Julia Nicole Purdy. I've never gone by Julie, because most friends call me JP, JJ, or Jules. My longtime friends, and father-in-law (ha!) call me Blakeman, which is my maiden name.

I've been a Buckeye since birth. (For those of you that are not Midwestern, Buckeye = Ohio). I grew up about 45 minutes southeast of Columbus in Lancaster, Ohio which is actually where I met Ashley -- we went to middle school together! I graduated college from Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH with a BA in Finance & Economics (I know, boring, right?). I was a Delta Gamma (like Molly), which also has its headquarters in Columbus! Kind of ironic. 

NM :: What made you officially settle in the CBus?

JP :: I always had plans of living in, what others may call "cooler" places after college; but when I married my high school sweetheart, who works for a family business...I knew Columbus was my home for good. The best part is, I absolutely LOVE it! Columbus is a thriving city with big city amenities - a great art scene, fabulous restaurants, and of course the third largest university in the country. It also maintains a small town vibe. Easy to get around, great for families and the people are beyond friendly! :)

NM :: Clearly you have deep roots with Columbus...so you must know all the best resturants, shops, etc! Please share with our readers!

JP :: In the summer you can find me with my dogs at the Scioto Audubon Dog Park, playing tennis at Schiller Park, or on the patio at Lindey's. For a sweet treat, I can never pass up a macaron from Pisacia Vera or a trio from Jeni's. Both are within walking distance from my house, so it's very dangerous! :) I love antiquing and mixing old with new, so my 2 favorite places to shop are The Grandview Mercantile and Columbus Architectural Salvage. I love supporting locally owned businesses as much as I can! I enjoy small boutiques like Rowe or Thread and for gifs my go-to's are Sobo Style or a relatively new shop called Cosecha. And last, but certainly not least, we spend a lot of time at The North Market!


NM :: So, it's obviously no secret you are INSANELY organized, but what happens to be your most OCD tendency? This is our favorite question to ask. 

JP :: Being the oldest of 9 in a blended family, I am as type-A as they come! So I tend to have numerous OCD tendencies. But the one that drives my husband crazy the most, would be the fact that I constantly follow him around the house closing doors that he leaves open (like closet doors or the spare bedroom) and I am a stickler about the house being spotless before we leave for vacation...which means, we are usually up way too late before an early AM flight!

NM :: And what's something that tends to be at the bottom of the "organized" list in your life?

JP :: Paper is my nemesis! I can't stand paper and it's a constant uphill battle to keep the piles in check. We've tried to go paperless as much as possible! 

NM :: Now onto the most important question of the interview process...who. is. your. current. celebrity. crush??

JP :: I am drawn to two very distinct types: classically handsome (think Jon Hamm a la Don Draper) and edgy, eclectic, uber-talented, hipsters (that's a type right??) ie Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa (husband to hot blonde dragon lady - Daenerys Targaryen - of Games of Thrones). I also find Robert Downey Jr. extremely intriguing. So clearly my crushes change often ;)

NM :: Obviously we are excited about NEAT Columbus, but what makes you the most excited??

JP :: I think Columbus is perfect for NEAT. Being the home base of many Fortune 500 companies, Columbus is full of busy executives that could benefit from NEAT's time-saving organization services. I also LOVE the entrepreneurial spirit in this city, especially the robust supportive network of female business owners.

NM :: Anything else you woud like to tell our C-BUS followers in particular?

JP :: As a registered yoga instructor, I spend a lot of time focusing on the mind-body connection. I am a firm believer that is impossible to have a clutter-free mind without a clutter-free environment. I hope to use NEAT's organizational tools to help people not only achieve a greatly organized outer environment, but also a quieter, more peaceful inner one as well.

We could NOT be more thrilled to have our 10th city in the NEAT lineup. And can't think of a better person to be running it than Julia! We know everyone in Columbus will love her just as much as we do! She's friendly, thoughtful, charismatic and eager to help people live The NEAT Life! Watch out Ohio, you have no idea what is about to hit you...we mean, your closet! ;)


the NEAT girls

PS -- Does being your own boss and helping people live a more organized life sound like your dream job? Think you've got what it takes to run NEAT in your city? We'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to email us at -- info(at)neatmethod(dot)com.

Tuesday 11.04.14

Tip Tuesday :: The Halloween Clean Up

November officially kicked off this past weekend, and we bet October left you with a dead Halloween costume, pumpkins that are starting to rot, and WAY too much candy to even consume.  What will you do with all the Halloween leftovers???

It's pretty safe to assume that if you have a child...you are bound to find a bag of very old, yet very "treasured," holiday candy a few months down the road. As much as the NEAT girls LOVE sweets, finding rotten candy is never a bonus on the job.

Today we are starting a new Halloween Candy Campaign...use the leftover candy to make delicious treats! Not only will you get the large piles of candy "out the door," but anyone you share your treats with will also benefit! 

How amazing do these Brown Butter Milky Way Oatmeal Cookies look?? 

Over at Just a Taste, Kelly is making Leftover Halloween Candy Blondies! Blondies are sure to be a group hit, but adding candy brings it up to a whole new level of deliciousness!

Rachel of Southern Fairytale is mixing up Halloween Puppy Chow! It's "chock full of Halloween goodness and Nutella nomminess!" Candy + Nutella = our dream come true!

Feeling a little burnt out from the holiday to already be diving into baking?? Don't fret, you can always freeze the candy to use around Thanksgiving and/or Christmas for baked goodies! Genius right??

Now that you have played some tricks on Halloween, it's time to make TREATS!


the NEAT candy monsters

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