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Thursday 11.20.14

Lounging at SFO

Today we can't help but share some exciting news for everyone living in the Bay Area or flying in and out of San Francisco! American Express Card Members traveling to the Bay Area have a new reason to get to the airport early or even... (gasp!) stay a while at the airport. Early?! Late!? Yes, you heard us right! That's because they've opened The Centurion Lounge in SFO!

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The Lounge, located in Terminal 3, features some pretty amazing amenities:

Wine & Dine with Napa Valley inpsired, seasonal cuisine!

Work & Play with high speed Wi-Fi and a sound-proof family room for children!

Relax & Recharge with luxurious shower suites. 

The Centurion Lounge in SFO, American Express Lounge, SFO, SFO lounge, traveling tips, best airports, SFO airport, San Francisco airport, SFO terminal 3

Soooo basically what we are saying is, we are never going to leave the airport!

The Centurion Lounge in SFO, American Express Lounge, SFO, SFO lounge, traveling tips, best airports, SFO airport, San Francisco airport, SFO terminal 3

Why exactly are we bringing this up you ask? Because American Express was kind enough to invite our NEAT San Francisco team to present Organized Travel: Tips & Tricks from the Pros at their Pre-Opening Private Party Event! 

And just because we love all our readers, we are going to share with you our insider tips!

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Frustrated with how to pack your clothes?? We prefer alternatives to rolling clothes -- the best solutions include: compression packing or bundling.

Can't decide on the best solution for packing jewelry?? Use a pill case! It's the perfect size for tiny jewelry -- each get their own compartment, and because it's hard, they are protected and won't get tangled in a mess!

Traveling with only a carry-on but can't part with your favorite hair products?? GoToobs are perfect for just the right amount of shampoo/conditioner/shower soap!

Can't forget your phone charger, headphones, etc...but how do you keep them organized and all together?? With our favorite item, the Cordito!

And one of the most common questions we get - how do you stay organized while on your actual flight? We happen to love using the Seat Pack! It fits everything important you will need, all in one place! It's bright so you won't forget it, and it has a clip so you can click it on to the seat in front of you while you sit! Genius right??

Traveling abroad?? You need to be overly prepared! We recommend making photo copies of your passport for everyone traveling with you. Each person will need to keep a copy of everyone's passport in their personal bag...just to be safe!


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We want to sincerely thank American Express for inviting us to such a fun event at SFO! We can't wait to visit The Centurion Lounge everytime we are at the SFO Airport now ;)


the NEAT girls

:: Lounge Photo Credit to American Express :: Event Photo Credit to Kimberly White/Getty Images for American Express ::

The Centurion Lounge in SFO, American Express Lounge, SFO, SFO lounge, traveling tips, best airports, SFO airport, San Francisco airport, SFO terminal 3
Tuesday 10.14.14

Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall without Needing Lots of" Stuff"

Everyone loves to get in the holiday spirit...but one thing everyone doesn't always love, is the large amount of decor you have to store in-between each holiday. To have the best decorated home each holiday, you'd basically need an extra garage just to store the goods!

Lucky for you, we've scoured the web to find some pretty great fall decor that doesn't require significant storage when the season is over...mainly because these items are low in price (giving you big bang for your buck) and also because you won't need to store much for next year! As any organized person would agree, why keep more "stuff" in the house than necessary!

First up, everyone's favorite - candy corn! This fall candy can be put in various locations throughout your home and instantly add a festive touch! Use those empty vases and or candle votives you have lying around to display the candies! Added bonus to decorating with candy corn - just toss the candy at the end of the season!

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Same goes with corn kernels! Who says you can't do the same with these! Our co-founder Molly loves using these around her home! When the season is over, she just tosses them out to the birds! How clever, and sweet, of her!

iy halloween decor, diy halloween deocrations, corn kernel decorations, corn decorations, fall corn decorations

Or wrap tiny corn on the cobs around a candle, using burlap string. So cute!

iy halloween decor, diy halloween deocrations, corn kernel decorations, corn decorations, fall corn decorations, corn on the cob decorations

And how about purchasing a pumpkin and using it as an ice bucket for your next party? When the party is over - toss the pumpkin...or make pumpkin soup! ;)

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See decorating for the fall holiday does not require massive (or expensive) decorations to add a festive touch! However, anything that helps you get in the holiday spirit is just fine by us! Well, errrr...unless you have an extra garage just for holiday decorations ;)


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 09.16.14

Our Football Survival Guide

It's officially football season in America! And for the majority of us, this typically means crowding around a TV with yummy snacks and fulfilling drinks while cheering on your favorite team! On the flip, your boyfriend or husband practically ingnores you for those few hours, only occassionally looking your way to smile during a horrible commercial. "Oh hey, honey"

football, football model, hot girl with football, model with football, victoria secret models, victoria secret model with football, victoria secret football line

Well the JOKE is on him! While he's busy drooling at the 65 inch LED HDTV...you can slyly sneak away and get to organizing & styling his man cave that has always needed your personal touch.

And you're in luck, here are our most recent favorite finds!

man cave, items for a man cave, how to decorate a man cave, linen bulletin board, collapsable basket, dark wood baskets, agate bookends, agate, wire magazine rack, candle, bourbon candle, silver tray, silver tray with leather handles, jayson home and garden, restoration hardware office

:: magazine tote :: bourbon candle :: Restoration Hardware Office Supplies (on sale) :: silver tray with leather handles :: agate bookends :: leather hanging file box :: linen bulletin board :: foldable baskets :: 


Between all of these items, you should be able to make Mr. (Almost) Perfect....well, at least perfectly organized in his office! ;)


the NEAT girls


Tuesday 09.09.14


Fall Fashion Week has officially kicked off in New York City and it is officially our favorite occassion to followWith more than 100 shows taking place, we of course have been dying to find out about the latest and greatest street styles and celebrity sightings! Here are just a few of our favorite and most interesting finds...paired with NEAT & organized spaces of course!



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yellow neon home, neon in the home, neon home, day glow, yellow door, neon yellow door, new york fashion week, nyfw, black and yellow nyfw

It's settled... Fashion & Organization go hand n' hand!


the NEAT girls

:: Image 1.1 1.2 :: image 2.1 2.2 :: image 3.1 3.2 :: image 4.1 4.2

Tuesday 08.26.14

3 Ways to Organize DIY Style...

Who doesn't love a good DIY project? It's always fun when a rainy day comes along or the kids head back to school. Time to just sprawl out on the floor among all your supplies and get crafty! And what better way to get crafty, then by completing a little DIY... organization related obviously!!

Here are just a few of our favorites...

1. One of our favorite DIY Organization Queens is IHEART Organizing - and she just so happens to have a great DIY tutorial on making your very own bracelet display! Learn how here!

2. We're obsessed with hese amazingly sharp looking gold and acrylic clipboards to keep your papers off the floor and organized in style!

How about hiding some of those electrical cords and/or routers that tend to be eye soars?! Get a little crafty and glue old spine books together to create hidden storage! Details here

You now know what we plan to do on our next rainy day! Bring on the DIY!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 07.03.14

Everyone to the Patio for the Fireworks!

In honor of warm and sunny SUMMER (and obviously the Fourth of July tomorrow), we've decided to round up some of our favorite drool-worthy patios spotted on Pinterest! Who wouldn't want to take a seat in one of these chairs... while watching the fireworks with a nice chilled glass of rose, obviously! ;)

patio, outdoor patio, pretty patio, outdoor space, home decor


patio, outdoor patio, pretty patio, outdoor space, home decor


patio, outdoor patio, pretty patio, outdoor space, home decor


patio, outdoor patio, pretty patio, outdoor space, home decor, small patio, domino magazine patio


patio, outdoor patio, pretty patio, outdoor space, home decor, city patio

And because we can't go one day without talking about organization (can you blame us?), we've found a few items to make your patio Pinterest worthy!

patio, outdoor patio, pretty patio, outdoor space, home decor


:: Industrial String Lights :: Garden Glory Garden Hose Antler Hooks :: Cube Lanterns :: Bar Cart :: 


Here's to hoping every summer's evening can be spent on a beautiful patio!

Have a Happy 4th!


the NEAT girls

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Thursday 06.19.14

BBQing with the NEAT Girls

SUMMER Barbecuing is THE BEST and we couldn't be more excited to have BBQing season officially underway! Bring on the hotdogs, burgers, and grilled corn on the cob!!

bbq, summer beach party, beach party, summer party, barbecue, barbecueing

With that in mind, we'd like to share some of our recent favorite must finds to help you have the ultimate BBQ this summer!

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:: Travel Chef BBQ Set :: Outdoor Party Bucket with Table :: Personalized Bev2go Stemless Traveler Cups :: Gingham Paper Straws :: Floating Pom Poms :: American Flag Spatula :: Furbish Studio Pink Cocktail Napkins :: Mason Jar Utensil Holder Set :: Crate&Barrel Acrylic Beverage Dispenser ::

How cute are all of those items?? Now if only you knew what to make? We're pretty sure these are gauranteed to be a hit!

popsicles, gummy bear popsicles, cute summer treats, summer recipes, summer dessert, summer desserts, cute kid treats, cute birthday party recipes, healthy dessert

Cheers to your next outdoor party!


the NEAT girls

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Wednesday 05.28.14

Wedding gifts to KIMYE!

So unless you live under a rock, everyone already knows that the "King & Queen of the United States of America" were recently married this past weekend in Italy. Congrats to the newly married Kim Kardashian and Kayne West...aka Kimye!

Of course we were dying to see the dress, but we were even more curious to find out exactly what the newlyweds recieved in terms of gifts?! Well... we don't really know the answer to that - BUT, we do have some great ideas on what they could/should have received! And these wedding gift ideas might just come in handy next time you attend a wedding this summer!

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For the couple that likes to have a good time and put back a few cocktails, check out Julibox. Each month, the newlyweds will receive a box at their door filled with two great cocktails + recipes. WIth enough ingredients to make two cocktails of each recipe (four in sum), it is the perfect gift that keeps on giving each month! Cheers to the Mr & Mrs!

julibox, wedding gift, cute wedding gift ideas, cute wedding gift, mini liquor bottles

What do you do for the couple whose registery has already been filled and already have everything they could ever need? Other than giving straight up ca$h (which is fine by us!)...think about giving customized plastic Tervis Tumblers with pictures of the happy couple. Perfect for those summer BBQs and any outdoor dining event. How cute are these??

tervis, tervis tumblers, tumblers, plastic cups, cute party cups, cute wedding gifts, wedding gift ideas

If you haven't heard of NewlyWish - now is the time to check it out! Not only do they have great unique gift ideas (think home decor, experiences, honeymoon funds, etc) --- BUT, the just so happen to have NEAT Method as an option. Say what?! Perhaps the newlyweds are just moving into together after the big day...how perfect would giving the gift of NEAT be? We think so ;)

Plus we all know the saying "Happy Wife = Happy Life" but shouldn't it really be "Happy Organized Home = Happy Life"?! ;)

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Cheers to kicking off wedding season in true fashion - you actually buy an amazing gift, and on time!


the NEAT girls

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Thursday 04.24.14

Picnic Planning Round Up

Spring has finally sprung (mostly) and nothing goes better with Spring than a weekend picnic. We figured what better way to celebrate Spring than to share some of favorite discoveries to make your picinic the best yet! 

When we saw this all in one backpack with the vintage plaid pattern, we knew it had to be ours! How convenient to have everything packed up nice and NEAT into one bag that is easy to transport!

What's a picnic without a place to sit!? As much as we would love to look like a Pinterest ad and sit on a georgous Pendleton blanket, we know that the best picnics include at least one spill. With that in mind, we found some great options that have a waterproof side - GENIUS! Whether it's damp grass or an over served picnic guest, this blanket will keep you dry while enjoying the outdoors!

Is the whole "picnic thing" not up your alley? Fine. We can solve that. Please meet picnic's cuter, younger sister - glamping. Feast your eyes on this setup and tell us you are not ready to join?!

Obviously we cannot share a post about how to properly spend the weekend eating a drinking without suggesting some of our favorite wines. Our current obsessions are from Scribe winery in Sonoma....oh, and we highly recommend the Rose.

If you aren't close by, you can buy their wines online here. You'll thank us later! Enjoy picnic season and remember to keep it NEAT!


the NEAT girls


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Thursday 03.20.14

Hello SPRING....

"YESSSSSS!!!!!!" - says the entire right half of the United States today.

Why? Because today just so happens to OFFICIALLY be the first day of SPRING!

We know our colder weather cities could not be MORE excited to finally (hopefully) be seeing some warm sunshine in the weeks to come! In honor of such a happy time, we've decided to round up some of the latest & gratest organizational solutions that just so happen to have a POP of color! Each product is guaranteed to brighten your space in no time! 

spring, hello spring, spring flowers

West Elm has new Mosiac Triangle Jewelry Boxes that will make a beautiful graphic statement AND keep all your baubles organized in high style!

west elm jewelry box, jewelry box, geometric box, geometric pattern

Pay homage to Spring with a JAYES Catch All Bin. It will keep all of your little jars and bottles that sit on the counter corraled!

jayes, jayes studio, jayes tray, tray for oils, organize

Our friend Jonathan Adler has the cutest Puppy Canisters to stash all your puppy's stuff in style!

jonathan adler, jonathan adler puppy uppers, jonathan adler jar, puppy jar, organizing for a puppy

OK... so this one isn't necessarily colorful... BUT it will help display all your vibrant clutches nicely! We are absolutley obesessed with all things by GLAMbox - espeically this GLAMdivide!

glamdivide, clutch organizer, purse organizer, tips to organize clutches

Now that you have completed a, "Spring Space Lift," it's officially time to bring on SPRING and all things floral!


the NEAT girls

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spring, floral, floral prints, floral style, styling with floral prints, spring flowers


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